Catching Teachable Minutes™ is all about helping KIDS . . .

The Teachable Minute™ is a golden opportunity to show, ask, and teach kids something, anytime and anywhere! It taps into a child’s natural curiosity, sense of inquiry, and need for attention.

ALL kids are smart. ALL kids need attention. What’s the SECRET to raising SMART and APPRECIATIVE kids? THE TEACHABLE MINUTE!

Dr. Connie is all about motivating, teaching, and catching kids in wonderful ways… before it’s too late. She shows parents and teachers HOW to turn cell phones and tablets into TEACHING tools. She helps parents and grandparents raise smarter kids without creating TECHNO-ZOMBIES! She can help you catch falling readers, writers, and thinkers, before it’s too late…

Got kids? Got struggling learners? Got falling readers? Catch ‘the teachable minute’ with them…FAST!!!

Dr. Connie is a nationally acclaimed speaker and expert at teaching kids, parents, falling readers, classroom teachers, and graduate students. She has shared her expertise with educators and parents in fourty seven states and in three countries, as well as for audiences at national, state, and European education conferences.

Dr. Connie catches THOUSANDS of struggling learners in many school districts as a classroom teacher, reading recovery specialist, director of reading, university instructor, speaker, and national consultant. She has been a senior national presenter for Staff Development for Educators (SDE), national consultant for Macmillan/McGraw-Hill/NYC, and national speaker for Harcourt School Publishers/FL.

Contact Dr. Connie: 413-222-2848 or info@conniehebert.com


“This Connie Hebert is fantastic! I’ve been teaching for 17 years. She was the most impressive and effective speaker we have ever had! Any school would treasure her help with their children.” ~ L. Rader, Administrator, Missoula, MT

“Great sense of humor! Dr. Connie spoke with such devotion to helping children that it inspired me to try even harder to reach children. Abby is now reading and I especially liked the handouts explaining follow-up techniques for use at home.” ~ P. Boyle, Teacher & Parent, Longmeadow, MA

“Dr. Connie Hebert shows new parents the magic and sparkle of teaching in everyday places with the same creative zeal that makes her many books for school teachers wildly popular. She shows you how to pay attention, share, teach, and care.” ~ Dr. Richard Gentry, Author: Raising Confident Readers

The Teachable Minute: The Secret to Raising Smart & Appreciative Kids shows parents, our children’s first teachers, how to tap into everyday activities and make them fun learning experiences. Dr. Hebert describes numerous opportunities for moms and dads to promote learning throughout the day – all without pressure. The Teachable Minute is a great read and a must-have for parents striving to support learning as a lifelong process.” ~ Dr. Diane Lowe, Literacy Specialist & Professor, Framingham State Univeristy, MA

“Dr. Connie renewed my passion for teaching and my faith in the teaching profession. Before I attended her training, I had begun to develop doubts. Everyone who heard her was clearly excited about learning…thank you!”
~ C. Papayannopoulos, MA Reading Conference

“What Dr. Hebert told us about “never accepting the possibility that a child CANNOT improve” is exactly what I told my principal about one of my students.  I have never felt this way about something a professor said and I have three degrees past my bachelors. I will cherish her words and they will remind me constantly to never let a student fall to the side!!”
~ D. Arnett, Special Education, Baxley, GA