About Dr. Connie

connie_hebertDr. Connie Hebert is a nationally acclaimed expert at teaching kids so they will grow smart and appreciative. She motivates, engages, and inspires parents and educators with her energetic style and passionate expertise. She has presented seminars, model lessons, and inspirational keynote addresses for parents and educators in 47 states, at national and European education conferences, and in 3 countries. She is the author of a new and exciting book for parents: The Teachable Minute: The Secret to Raising Smart & Appreciative Kids (Morgan James/NYC). Other published works include Catch a Falling Reader, Catch a Falling Writer, Catch a Falling Teacher.

Dr. Connie served a decade as senior national consultant for Staff Development for Educators, a Treasures™ reading program consultant and national speaker for Macmillan/McGraw-Hill, NYC, and a national speaker for Harcourt School Publishers (Orlando, FL). She has a doctorate degree in Educational Leadership and a Masters degree in Reading Education. Dr. Connie is a member of Rotary Club International, West Springfield, MA.

Field experience includes Director of Reading, Elementary classroom teacher in 7 school districts, Reading Recovery specialist in 3 districts, and language arts instructor for 3 MA colleges. She serves as an online education instructor for Nova Southeastern University’s Fischler Graduate School of Education/Reading.

Dr. Connie is the mother of 3 “smart & appreciative” grown kids . . .