There are 5.6 billion mobile phone users worldwide. Parents who are distracted by their devices are missing golden opportunities to tap into kids’ curiosity and their need for attention.

“I watched a little boy talk to his mom for 45 minutes in a restaurant and NEVER ONCE did she look up from her cell phone. My mission is to speak out on why PARENTS are their kids’ first and most important teachers…not devices.”
~ Dr. Connie Hebert


  • The Teachable Minute™ for busy Moms . . . What to show, ask, & teach kids, in less than a minute!!
  • Got family vacation plans? Learn how to create ‘teachable questions’ to stretch your kids’ thinking skills on the road.
  • Dads are teachers too! Tips and tricks for catching ‘the teachable minute… FAST!!
  • 10 easy tips for busy families: What to show, ask and teach both older and younger kids no matter WHERE you are.
  • Are today’s kids and teens addicted to their cell phones and computers? Is there a cure? YES!
  • Are devices eating up your face-to-face time with your kids? 5 ways to turn your phone or tablet into a teaching tool for kids, rather than a babysitter…
  • Show Dr. Connie ANY object and she’ll show your viewers how to catch ‘the teachable minute’ INSTANTLY!

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Nationally Acclaimed Author, Dr. Connie Hebert Announces Release of New Book,

The Teachable Minute: The Secret to Raising Smart & Appreciative Kids
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Listen to Dr. Connie appearance on the Maggie Linton Show / Sirius XM about catching teachable minutes with kids.

Total Tutor Show: “Teachable Minutes” With Dr. Connie Hebert. Host: Neil Haley, TheTotal Tutor
The Total Tutor and Dr. Connie Hebert discuss the concept of the “teachable minute” and its importance to parents and children. Dr. Connie is a nationally acclaimed expert at teaching kids, parents, falling readers, classroom teachers, and graduate students. She has shared her expertise in 47 states and at national, state, European conferences.
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creating_cooperative_kidsCreating Cooperative Kids – The Teachable Minute With Kids

Parenting expert and host, Bill Corbett, interviews Connie Hebert, national speaker and author of the book The Teachable Minute. In this segment Connie helps parents realize that discipline is teaching and teaching can happen just about every minute with a child.
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American Hope Talk Radio - Helping Other People Excel!Dr. Connie Hebert is a nationally acclaimed expert at teaching kids, parents, falling readers, classroom teachers, and graduate students.
She has shared her expertise in 47 states and at national, state, European conferences. She is a national speaker and the author of Catch a Falling Reader, Catch a Falling Writer, Catch a Falling Teachers, Sight Word Phrases and her newest book for parents, The Teachable Minute: The Secret to Raising Smart & Appreciative Kids.
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republicanEducator Connie Hebert urges parents to utilize ‘The Teachable Minute’
By Kathryn Roy | Special to The Republican
Longtime educator Connie Hebert, of West Springfield, has written “The Teachable Minute: The Secret to Raising Smart and Appreciative Kids,” a book designed to help parents maximize teaching moments throughout the day with their children.
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Book Review – The Teachable Minute, by Dr. Connie Hebert
by Valerie Remy-Milora /
One of the things I absolutely cherish about my children is their curiosity. As exhausting as it may be at times, the incessant questioning is something I truly relish. It gives me a privileged look into their minds. The opportunity to see the world through their eyes and discover it with them all over again.
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pdf_image1The Teachable Question
Guiding Parents How to Help Kids Think
By Dr. Connie Hebert
What is a teachable question?

It’s a purposefully designed question that helps kids THINK better. It’s a teacher. It serves as a model for how we want kids to ask questions of themselves about any and all subjects. When we ask lots of teachable questions daily, we help kids express themselves because they have to think and reflect on what we are asking them before they share! Do we want all kids to read, write, think, and speak well? Now there’s a teachable question!
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pdf_image2Parents ARE Teachers
By Dr. Connie Hebert
All parents are teachers. In fact, most people don’t realize that WE are a child’s most important teachers in life because we lay the foundation for a lifetime of growth, experience, and discovery. Kids who are given daily opportunities to experience language, to build vocabulary, and to actively engage with others acquire a solid ‘bank’ of prior knowledge. This prior knowledge is similar to what we know as ‘software’ in a computer. The more prior knowledge a child has, the greater the ability to bring meaning to the written word.
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“When Dr. Connie Hebert appeared on my show American Hope talk Radio, she provided a captivating interview dealing with how to raise smart, appreciative children. As a parent, grandparent and great grandparent I can say her advice was both innovative and very helpful to our audience. I look forward to having Dr. Hebert on a follow-up show to answer specific question asked by parents who want to do their best raising smart appreciate children. I personally believe following Connie’s advice can help restore some of the moral fabric our nation seems to have lost by abandoning the responsibility of child rearing.”
~ WL Laney, American Hope Radio