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The Teachable Minute
Author: Connie R. Hebert, Ed.D.

The Teachable Minute is a golden opportunity to teach kids something, anywhere, FAST. It can be caught at any time, in common places, where we all live and go. When we make time to Show, Ask, or Teach kids something, we help kids in two very important ways:

We help them grow smarter. Consequently, they will know more and want to know more.

We give them our time and undivided attention. Consequently, they will grow appreciative and grateful for our efforts, and connect with us more as parents.

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reader2Catch a Falling Reader
Author: Connie R. Hebert, Ed.D.
Publisher: Corwin Press/Sage Publications, (2nd ed. 2007)
Recommended for elementary teachers (Pre-K – 3), reading specialists, literacy coaches, paraprofessionals, and administrators.

Good teachers continually strive to become great teachers as they search for ways to assist children in becoming independent readers, writers, and thinkers. This book includes 40 different ways to ‘catch a falling reader’ before the achievement gap becomes too large and frustration sets in. It was written for the purpose of confirming, instructing, supporting, and inspiring teachers. Catch a Falling Reader is also a great ‘springboard’ for teacher book clubs and literacy discussions. If you teach children to read, you will want to catch this book!


catch_a_falling_writer2Catch a Falling Writer (CA: Corwin Press)

This easy-to-use resource helps teachers ‘catch’ falling K – 3 writers before feelings of frustration, defeat, and low confidence develop and make it difficult for children to catch up. Catch a Falling Writer presents concise approaches for engaging and working with young writers who have challenges with language, vocabulary, fine-motor competency, grammar, diction, correct pencil grip, or letter/sound recognition. Perfect for teachers, literacy specialists and coaches, special education teachers, and student teachers striving to close the gap between reading instruction and writing proficiency. Prepare students to meet the growing demands of upper grade levels by booting their writing capabilities!


dvdCatch a Model Literacy Lesson DVD (K – 2)

You will want to catch Dr. Hebert with some adorable students in a variety of literacy lessons, at various primary grade levels. Instructional approaches include Interactive Read-Aloud, Guided Reading and Interactive Writing with both struggling and advanced students, Readers Theater, and Word Work. Each lesson is ‘unscripted’ and offers a wide range of teaching techniques, verbal prompts, literacy materials, and opportunities for analysis and discussion. Use this DVD for school professional development sessions or in the privacy of your home. GREAT gift for student teachers or any teacher!

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Sight-Word Phrases for Emergent/Early Readers Pre K-2

Author: Dr. Connie R. Hebert, National Literacy Consultant & Motivational Speaker
Publisher: Crystal Springs Books (Petersborough, NH)

Sight-Word Phrases for Emergent/Early Readers is designed to give readers extra practice with vocabulary, instant recognition of early sight words, fluent phrasing, and visual scanning skills using basic sight words. This set of flash cards reinforces early sight words within short, common phrases that often appear in leveled texts at this stage. They are appropriate for very advanced young readers as well as for struggling pimary-grade readers.

swphrasesk2Over time, readers should begin to scan these phrases rapidly as they build instant recognition and fluency. Research shows that those who read fluently comprehend better! Using Sight-Word Phrases can help young readers feel more confident when attempting new texts and when expressing their ideas in writing.

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Sight-Word Phrases for Transitional/Fluent Readers Grades 1-4

Author: Dr. Connie R. Hebert, National Literacy Consultant & Motivational Speaker
Publisher: Crystal Springs Books (Petersborough, NH)

Sight-Word Phrases for Transitional/Fluent Readers offers readers extra practice with vocabulary, basic sight words, fluent phrasing, and visual scanning skills using challenging sight words. This set of flash cards is specifically designed to reinforce vocabulary and phrasing for students who still read “word by word.” They may be used for advanced readers who are in early grades as well as for struggling readers in upper grades. Struggling readers of all ages need to learn to read fluently, putting words together “like they talk,” in order to increase their reading rate and comprehension.

swphrases14Daily use of Sight-Word Phrases moves readers beyond isolated sight-word practice. The cards also provide opportunities for readers to visually scan text more efficiently while building fluent phrasing and increasing vocabulary.

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50 Teeny Sight-Word Phrases for Preschool, Kindergarten & Special-Needs Students

Teeny-Weeny Phrases for Preschool/Kindergarten/Special Needs are designed specifically for young readers who would benefit from learning basic sight words in short phrases. Each card contains a 2-word phrase that reinforces visual scanning skills, early fluent phrasing, and automaticity of basic sight phrases, commonly found in early-emergent texts. They are appropriate for children who are learning to read as well as those who struggle with basic sight words and simple phrases.

50_teenyThese carefully selected 2-word phrases allow emergent and struggling readers to move beyond isolated 1-word recognition while simultaneously reinforcing left/right visual tracking for early reading success..

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Catch a Falling Teacher

Catch a Falling Teacher

© 2006 Author: Dr. Connie R. Hebert,
National Literacy Consultant & Motivational Speaker
Publisher: Xlibris (Philadelphia, PA)
Recommended for all teachers and administrators!
GREAT gift idea for teachers everywhere …

This beautiful book was created with teachers in mind. Its purpose is to help teachers breathe, relax, and let go of daily stress! Today’s educators are continually searching for ways to focus on the ‘present moment’ while also energizing and inspiring themselves. Teaching is HARD WORK! In Catch a Falling Teacher, Dr. Hebert invites teachers to explore many carefully designed activities that are guaranteed to bring about awareness, reflection, and change. GREAT gift for a special teacher or administrator in your life…